FotoIstanbul 2016

1-30 October 2016


Is an open festival for everyone to celebrate cultural diversity. Presents photography within coincidental relationships; strips it off the walls and liberates it from rules, definitions and commercial ambitions.

Is the voice of freedom with its loud participants, long-standing venues, striking contents and asymmetrical presentation. Embraces photography as it is, rather than depending on concepts, movements and expertise.

Is the largest international photography festival of Turkey that transforms the oldest city of the world; which has long joined East and West; into a platform to unite all photography enthusiasts. Welcomes both the classic and the modern, both the young and the master and all other disciplines of photography.

Goes outside! Outside the galleries; to reach everyone by transforming everyday streets, containers and deserted areas into places of connection through collective experience of art. Treats photograph as a daily component of the streets and everyday venues; letting it to be assimilated into its surroundings. Photographs of any language, of any color meet every eye that gazes at this city in the noise of diversity. Uninvitedly, in an inviting way,
Meet us at the streets.
With photography,

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