Kaunas Photography Gallery  – Lithuania


Kaunas Photography Gallery, Lithuania – February 2017

The exhibition includes photography from the cities of New York, São Paulo, Seoul, Mumbai, Hong Kong, London, Lagos, Istanbul and Mexico City. We are facing the biggest wave of urbanisation in human history. How is this fast growing population density influencing the behaviour of everyday commuters in the streets of the world’s most crowded megacities?

In his project ‘In Company of Strangers’, Bas Losekoot is presenting a photo essay in which he provides insight in the psychological journey of commuters in modern megacities. Placing his camera in the liminal spaces of the city, he is addressing the state of in-between-ness of the modern urban experience. With an intuitive eye, he observes the ‘presentation of self’ and ‘micro-second meetings’ that everyday urban encounters prevail. With cinematic apparatus, he succeeds to distil the extraordinary out of the banal; displaying an intimate thought-provoking vision on private lives in the public domain.

On 2nd of March, 5.30 p.m. in Kaunas Photography Gallery will be held Bas Losekoot exhibition „In Company of Strangers“ opening.

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