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Winner Life Framer Award

“There is a lot going on in this image, it makes me curious. What is in this man’s mouth? What’s under his arm? Have they not seen each other? Who’s hidden behind them? What is she photographing? It is certainly an ‘instant’ and you can feel the energy of it.” – Olivia Arthur/Magnum Photos

“Bas’ brightly lit street scene is arresting.  It’s a comment on the anonymity of an individual in our huge urban jungles. For a candid street image it’s incredibly sharp – it almost feels staged, with studio lighting rigs just out of view. It’s a mesmerising image that I enjoy both aesthetically, and through what it makes me feel about our modern world.” – Patrick di Nola/Getty Images-Verbatim Agency

“For an impromptu street image, this has a remarkable crispness and wonderful lighting that almost looks staged. Bas captures that decisive moment of almost-interaction in our busy urban environments, where two people almost connect, or in this case almost collide, in his own brilliantly distinctive style. The woman is overstimulated and lost in her phone, and the man is alert to the moment, but also multi-tasking at pace. It says so much about our hectic, modern-day world. I love the emptiness either side of the two characters, heightening our focus on them, and then the details at the edges – on the left, another person lost in their smartphone/headphones, and on the right the shadow of someone scratching their heads – perhaps bemused by our modern existence! It’s a fabulous, frozen moment”. – Life Framer Editors

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This image has been exhibited in New York – Rome – Tokyo

Life Framer has become a world-renowned platform for discovering and celebrating contemporary photography from amateur, emerging and professional artists around the globe. It hosts an independent award, supported by a growing community of creative photographers, designed to champion creative culture on and offline.

This travelling exhibition marks the culmination of the third edition of the Life Framer Photography Prize, with further shows taking place in Tokyo, London and New York. The exhibitions will showcase stunning contemporary photography from 24 winning photographers, each chosen by globally acclaimed judges across twelve months of diverse themes encompassing ‘Life’. Each theme is consciously abstract in order to create freedom and encourage creativity, and the resulting selection of varied, challenging and meaningful photography is testament to that.