Photographers Gallery – Lecture

Welcome to the Fake: Photography and the Politics of Authenticity

What are the relationships between urban photography and the politics of ‘the fake’, in a time of shifting perspectives around what constitutes ‘the real’?

Photography has for some time struggled with core questions around how the world of experience and perception relates to the world ‘out there’. Philosophers, historians, artists and urbanists have become increasingly interested in the roles mediation, selection and framing play within the visual representations of so-called truth. This symposium questions, challenges and expands on some key issues relating to politically engaged photography. A range of subjects are explored such as street photography, urban design, communities, the politics of change and gentrification through several case studies.

Speakers include Peter BennettLaura CuchGill GoldingPaul HallidayTanya HoughtonBas LosekootAlma Tischlerwood with Alex Forsey, and John Wood.

Organised as part of the ongoing Cities of Light symposia series by Goldsmiths, Open Vizor and UPA – The Urban Photographers Association. Events will be held in Paris, London, Lisbon, Cork, Barcelona and Düsseldorf.

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