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Bas Losekoot uses cinematic studio light to capture innocent passers by in urban areas of cities like New York and São Paulo. By bringing this specific light onto the streets of those metropolitan surroundings he manages to create an almost frozen image of ignorant passers by. The result seamlessly fits our previous Metropolitan theme and is as surprising as it is surreal. The still-life-like images often make you wonder if the shots are staged, and the essay-style approach of his project lift the series of photos to an almost antropologic dissertation about the modern urban homosapien.

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In his first monograph, Bas Losekoot explores how population density affects human behaviour in the centre of the world's most crowded megacities. Renowned designer Teun van der Heijden translated the project into an extraordinary book. Including an essay by Hugo Macdonald, screenplays by Kasper van Beek and a conversation with Paul Halliday. Published by Kehrer. Price €40,- There are only a few copies left, order your signed one here!