CUCR Crossing Lines – Presentation

At Crossing Lines, an on-going forum for collaboration between photographers & researchers whose central interest is the urban situation, its constituents & its dynamics, i presented and discussed my project. Crossing lines is working in cooperation with the CUCR: Centre of Urban and Community Research at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Crossing Lines seeks to provide

  • a valuable resource for developing a photographic practice
  • an opportunity to pursue a joint project away from academic demands
  • expanding contacts within photography
  • an additional audience for research-in-progress
  • an alternative channel for disseminating a project
  • the prospect of working with someone who might challenge one’s assumptions

It encourages

  • innovative approaches to collaboration at distance
  • serendipitous encounters
  • accidental outcomes

It believes that

  • everyone benefits from the sharing of supportive reactions to their work
  • photography in itself, and in the service of a wider project, is a developmental and explorative
  • process which can benefit from partnership with others
  • experimental work that has no formal platform for presentation benefits from a sympathetic forum

It is open to

  • all members of London Independent Photography
  • all students, researchers and staff of CUCR
  • all those who have been associated with CUCR and who seek a point of contact for continued practical involvement

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