Learning from Mumbai – Publication

The Mumbai images published in this interesting book.

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Learning from Mumbai. Practising Architecture in Urban India contains interviews with architects and planners, a beautiful photo essay, background articles on the past, present and future of architecture and planning in Mumbai, and even a guide pointing to the city’s architects’ favorite places.

Throughout the book special attention is given to Dutch architects and planners working in Mumbai, and Indian architects who made The Netherlands their home. The book provides an insight in what can be learned from Mumbai, and what foreign architects need to learn about Mumbai before they make the jump of setting up shop in the city.

Learning from Mumbai opens with the reflections of Indian architects Charles Correa and Rahul Mehrotra on the past, present and future of architecture and planning in Mumbai. This is followed by interviews with a great variety of local and foreign architects and planners who work in Mumbai. The ins and outs of doing architecture and planning in this megacity are explored through their eyes. Small but exciting bureaus (like Brio Architecture) find a place right next to massive commercial architecture firms (like Hafeez Contractor) and activist-architects (such as PK Das and Somaya & Kalappa). In addition architecture education in Mumbai is discussed extensively, as well as several micro-initiatives that have come up with creative solutions to make the city more livable and beautiful.

The book is lavishly illustrated, covering the many faces and facets of Mumbai. A special place is reserved for the images of photographer Bas Losekoot. With his photo-essay he shines an intriguing new light on Mumbai and its inhabitants.